Tikvah Chadasha

Tikvah Chadasha (a.k.a Shenfield & Brentwood Synagogue), began as a small satellite group of Bet Tikvah in Newbury Park. Key members of the community had moved out to Brentwood in Essex and realised that there was something missing; a Jewish community! We began with the odd service and social function, but after three years, Janice and Louis, along with Natasha, decided to make the brave decision to 'go it alone'. More people were attending for Shabbat services and there was a growing demand for a cheder (Sunday school). Our first members joined in October 2009, then at the beginning of December 2009, Louis and Natasha went before the LJ Council and asked to become affiliated to Liberal Judaism. We were accepted and as we grow, life is certainly busy. It is still overwhelming when we take a moment to think about what we have achieved so far and what the future may hold for us.

Our initial intention is to provide a base for like minded people to worship under the auspices of Liberal Judaism. We value sincere worship and inspiring educational opportunities for adults and children. We endorse and actively promote the values of Liberal Judaism. We encourage new members who are Jewish or in mixed faith relationships to come and meet like minded individuals for fun and prayers on an ongoing basis.

We are blessed with a wonderfully warm congregation, of all ages and backgrounds. For us, one of the most important things is that all who walk through our doors feel welcome. Many of our families are of mixed faith, and may not have felt comfortable elsewhere. However, all of our congregation are encouraged to join in at whatever level they wish. In keeping with our ethos, we have a non-Jewish trustee who a joint member with his Jewish wife. We also have many non-Jewish spouses who attend regularly and are actively encouraged to participate in services, reading from the siddur alongside family and friends. The sense of community spirit is very strong, resulting in a thriving cheder and very busy services.

When we began, we held services in the conservatory of Janice & Louis. We officially outgrew the conservatory (which only held about 32 people) and in June 2011 moved our Shabbat Services to a local school where the Head teacher kindly found a place to store our Small Ark housing 2 Sifri Torah. In June 2014 we once again moved our Shabbat services, this time to a very nice hall in Brentwood. We were most grateful to the school, but it was time to move on. Again, we were fortunate in that our small Ark & reading desk is stored for us in a corner of the office of the new hall. We felt the move was a good one as the new hall can generally accommodate us for our festival services, not possible during term time at the school. The conservatory is still used on a Friday evening and our larger Ark housing our three Sifri Torah has its permanent home there.

The cheder is an integral part of Tikvah Chadasha. We open our doors to all children. Children are taught Hebrew, Jewish Studies and partake in various fun activites, cooking and projects. Our older children have recently built a replica of Anne Frank's house. Alongside the cheder we have a weekly adult class. This is a drop in session but always well attended, with topics set a half term in advance. We have a Kabbalat Torah class for children wishing to continue their Jewish education post Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

We have regular conversion classes and are always willing to speak to anyone who expresses a genuine desire to convert to Judaism.

Tikvah Chadasha provides an outreach service, visiting schools and local places of worship. The format of these visits varies greatly, including formal talks and more hands-on workshops for adults and children alike. We believe that this is an important part of services to the wider community and someone is usually available to travel practically anywhere in Essex, as long as we are given fair warning. It certainly keeps us busy, as does all of our Council work.

We also link up with others through our website www.roshtikvah.com and via Facebook and twitter. The website keeps people updated with our diary of events, as well as providing useful information, such a link to our on-line recipe book Rosh Tikvah Recipes (which has been very well received!). - again, have a look under links for the address. The book is in its infancy and will be constantly updated. Send any comments, suggestions or recipes you would like included to tikvahchadasha@gmail.com.

Our members are encouraged to share their favourite recipes and ideas with us either through the website or by sending articles in to be included in our monthly e-newsletter.

We have in place a Beni Mitzvah contract and a Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) that can be found under the heading CONTRACTS on this web site.

Our fee structure as detailed below is designed to help our younger members regardless of single or family status.

For more information please explore our website, or for specific questions please use the "Contact Us" section.

Tikvah Chadasha, Charity Number 1145743

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Community Leader / Rites & Practices

Membership Rates

Family / Joint membership includes children up to 18 years when the young person must become a member in their own right.
Full rate / reduced and young people’s subscriptions include funeral cover for children up to 18 years of age. For full details of funeral cover please call for an explanatory leaflet

JOINT / FAMILY : £528.00 pa (£44 per month)
SINGLE : £264.00 pa (£22 per month)

JOINT / FAMILY : £423.60 pa (£35.30 per month)
SINGLE : £211.80 pa (£17.65 per month)

JOINT/ FAMILY : £400.80 pa (£33.40 pm)
SINGLE : £200.40 pa (£16.70 pm)

JOINT / FAMILY : £357.60 pa (29.80 PM)
SINGLE : £178.60 pa £14.90 PM)

Available to those who belong to another congregation.
JOINT / FAMILY : £120.00 pa
SINGLE : £60.00 pa

If you wish to opt for cremation, there is an additional one off payment of £170.00 per person. This covers doctors papers required for cremation and 2 pall bearers. Note that some crematoriums require 4 pall bearers and the cost of the extra pall bearers is not covered.

Green burials can be requested -please ask for further details about green burials at Cheshunt or Edgewarebury Jewish Cemetery's.

All forms of membership are open to those in mixed faith relationships. The non Jewish partner will be covered for full burial.

Additional Notes

All members must have paid into the scheme for 2 years to be eligible for burial rights with SBS. In the unlikely event of a member passing away before the 2 years, the funeral expenses part of their subscription will be returned to the family. Woodland burial in a Jewish Cemetery is now available. See News for more details.

To be eligible for GROUND FEES (currently approx £14,500 for non-members) one year’s subscriptions must have been paid.
For transferees from other Liberal congregations, cover is immediate.

Shiva Chairs and books are available on request.


In the event of a death, please contact the Shul Office on 01277-888610 or Burial Officer on 07526-989875 (Louis) / 07526-989875 (Janice/Natasha)

Also contact Undertaker:
Michael King Funeral Directors
Contact: Ronnie King
Tel: 0208 368 7453 / 07595-956936 (Ronnie King)
26, Oakleigh Road South, Barnet,

Ronnie King can be contacted 24 hours a day including Public Holidays