Simchat Torah 5779/2018

Simchat Torah 5779/2018

On Sunday 30th October our congregation gathered to celebrate Simchat Torah. Our Kallah Torah was Judith and Chatan Bereshit Adam read beautifully from the Sefer Torah watched over by Community Leader Natasha and teacher, Louis.
It was a wonderful occasion with our Chatan and Kallah surrounded by community members, family...

Sukkot 5779/2018

On a very wet, windy day our community came together to celebrate Sukkot. This year Sukkot was hosted by Amanda & Michael. Once again this year we collected food for the local food bank ans opposed to decorating the Sukka with lots of fruit.
Our Cheder children draw appropriate pictures,...

Blessing of Gidon

Blessing of Gidon

On Shabbat 5th May we all came together for Gidon's baby blessing. It was a lovely morning with a sponsored kiddish from parents Jennifer and Alon together with elder daughter Keila. They were joined by family and friends for a special service led by Natasha.

Sue makes Aliyah

Sue makes Aliyah

At the end of our Shabbat service we had a special Kiddush and a cake was presented to our congregant Sue who is leaving to make Aliyah. It was sad to lose a regular good friend of the Synagogue. We all wish her everything she could ever wish for herself.

Joseph Comes To Brentwood

Joseph Comes To Brentwood

As a community we should be very proud that two of our young members have been cast in Joseph and the amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Brentwood Centre in April.
The lead, Joseph is being played by Chesney Hawkes, this is not the schools edition of the musical.
Joanna Holden-Wright...

Simcht Torah 2017 /5778

Simcht Torah 2017 /5778

This year we honored Kallah Torah Amanda and Kallah Bereshit Nicole.
Muzeltov to Amanda and Nicole and many thanks for the beautiful, somewhat large kiddish they provided.

Sukkot 2017 /5778

Sukkot 2017 /5778

This year, we once again broke with tradition and collected food for the Brentwood food bank in our Sukka. The Sukka was decorated with pictures by our younger members and a small amount of fruit.

Great fun was had by all who attended, everyone taking a turn in shaking the...

Mayor of Brentwood Visits

Mayor of Brentwood Visits

On Shabbat 9th September, The Mayor of Brentwood, Councillor Will Russell, attended our Shabbat morning service. There was a very good turnout and Mr Mayor commented how much he enjoyed the service, which was led by Community leader Natasha.

In true Tikvah Chadasha style, the service was followed by a...

Clementine has her blessing

Clementine has her blessing

On Shabbat 8th July, Clementine was given the Hebrew name, Shoshanah Margalite.
The beautiful service was led by community leader Natasha, who called proud Mum Lucy, and one of Clementine's G-d parents, Katrina up to the Ark to formally welcome Clementine to the community.
Watched by family, friends and community...

Triplits Become B'nei Mitzvah

Triplits Become B'nei Mitzvah

Last Shabbat was very special, unique for us & probably for 95% of congregations.

We celebrated the B'nei Mitzvah of Isabella, Nathan and Amelia Murphy, affectionately known simply as the triplets.

Isabella, Amelia and Nathan were born on 10th June 2007, with mum & dad, Karen and Andy they joined...


We are intending to take a group to see our young member Joanna Wright in a performance of Fiddler on The Roof at Queens Theatre Hornchurch.
The performance we are going to is Saturday 22nd July, Cost £17.50 and £15.50 for concessions. Please contact the Shul bee telephone...

Pesach 2017

Pesach 2017

On Tuesday 11th April, we came together as a community to celebrate the 2nd Seder night. This year was a touch different, as for the first time the event was catered by outside caterers.
The Service was lead by Natasha, and was, as always a most enjoyable evening.
Our thanks...

Purim 2017

Purim 2017

On Saturday 11th March, our community celebrated Purim. Amid much hilarity, the Megilla of Esther was read. Many of our adults and children were given a small part to read. Boo's for Haman and cheers for Mordachi and Queen Esther abounded. Then in true Tikvah Chadasha style far to many...

Celebrating Tu'Bishvat

Celebrating Tu'Bishvat

On Shabbat 11th February, the community came together too celebrate Tu'Bishvat, the New Year for Trees.
Following the service, there was a fruit kiddish which included many Israeli products, Figs, Dates, Grapes, Avocado, Jaffa Oranges, etc and Israeli wheat product like pretzels and of course biscuits.
Although it was a...

Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day

On the evening of Saturday 28th January, Tikvah Chadasha in conjunction with Christian Friend\'s of Israel, held a Service of Commemoration for Holocaust Memorial Day. The service followed a week of displays and talks to many local groups and schools that were held at Brentwood Library an The Town hall....

Bernie's 2nd Bar-Mitzvah

Bernie's 2nd Bar-Mitzvah

On the cold snowy morning of Shabbat the 14th January, Bernie Jackson, the oldest male member of Tikvah Chadasha celebrated his 2nd Bar Mitzvah surrounded by family friends and fellow congregants. The weather reflected the weather at his first Bar Mitzvah in January 1947.

Born in 1934, Bernie was evacuated...



Tikvah Chadasha celebrated Chanukkah, with you guess, food.
We had a wonderful fun filled morning with a talk about the Macabees for our adult class and fun Chanukkah games for the children. Yeas we did encourage the children to gamble when playing dreidl, chocolate coins being the currency of choice....

Clementine is presented to the world.

Clementine is presented to the world.

On 3rd November, proud Mum, Lucy gave birth to Clementine.
On the rolling photos there is a picture of baby Clementine at just 20 minutes old.
Attached is a photo of Clementine with Rabbi Danny Rich, who is the Chaplin for Kingston Hospital where Clementine was born. Rabbi Danny preempted...

Simchat Torah 2016

Simchat Torah 2016

On 23rd October 2016 corresponding to 21st Tishrei 5777, Tikvah Chadasha celebrated with out Kallah Bereshit Jennifer and Chatan Torah Mark.
Jen and Mark have been stalwart members of the community for many years and thus this year were chosen as our Chatan & Kallah.
Many of the community's children...

Rebecca & Terry Say I do!

Rebecca & Terry Say I do!

On 11th September 2016 Rebecca & Terry were married under the Chuppa.
The service, attended by around 70 family and friends was led by Rabbi Danny Rich.

PokeMon Go

PokeMon Go

I guess pretty much everyone has heard of the PokeMon Go craze, unless of course they live in a box! Indeed many of you are probably familiar with this game because you play it on your mobile phone or tablet (with GPS of course).
So why is this newsworthy for...

Tikvah Chadasha at Yom Ha'atzmaut

Tikvah Chadasha at Yom Ha'atzmaut

On Shabbat14th May, We came together as a community, not just for our regular Shabbat service, but to celebrate Yom Ha'atzmaut, Israeli Independence day.
Community leader, Natasha gave a moving sermon comparing Yom HaShoah and Yom Ha'atzmaut, which fall one week apart, and the different ways these are viewed both...

Ivrit Classes Begin

Ivrit Classes Begin

On Tuesday 26th April, Tikvah Chadasha held our very first Ivrit class.
For anyone interested in learning this wonderful language, the class is a must go to.
In future classes will be held on fortnightly on a Wednesday evening and will primarily focus on conversational Hebrew as used in Israel...

Another Wonderful Seder

Another Wonderful Seder

On the second Seder night, 23rd April, we once again held our well attended annual Communal Seder. This year 45 guests sang and joined in with our communal leader Natasha as she lead us through the Seder, using, for the first time the new LJ Haggadah, B'chol Dor Va-Dor.

Lucy & Rebecca take the final step

Lucy & Rebecca take the final step

On Shabbat 9th April, Lucy and Rebecca took the final step at the service of admission to Judaism. The service was led by Rabbi Danny Rich, and wathched by family, friends and members of the congregation, Lucy took the name Yael bat Sarah and Rebecca the name Rivka bat Sarah....

Purim 2016

Purim 2016

Tikvah Chadasha celebrated Purim in style once again this year. The photo does not reflect the number of people to attend, just those not camera shy enough to pose.
Lots of the children took part in reading the Megilla and of course copious amount of humantaschen were consumed. Hm, food...

David talks about Elias Moses & Son

David talks about Elias Moses & Son

On Sunday 7th February, David Barnett gave a brilliant talk to the adult class about Elias Moses & Son (1783-1868), clothing retailer and manufacturer.
Elias Moses was born on 4 April 1783 in Bungay, Suffolk, the son of Isaac Moses, a Jewish leather merchant from Alsace. His early life remains...

Star Wars

Star Wars

If you are a Star Wars fan and in the words of our community leader Natasha, "Shame on you" if you are not. Then you really need to read the sermon Natasha gave on Shabbat 9th January. It is a real eye opener, do read it then if you feel...

Gift for our Lay Leader

On Shabbat 12th November, the children of our Tikvah Chadasha presented a gift to our Lay Leader Natasha in recognition of all she does for
does on our behalf.
We were very pleased that Rabbi Danny Rich was able to attend this special service. Rabbi Danny made a very moving...

Amanda, Jo & Kata become Bat-Mitzvah

On Shabbat 14th November, three of our adult ladies, who had missed out on a Bat-Mitzvah when younger became Bat-Mitzvah.
In front of a full congregation of friends, family and members of Tikvah Chadasha, our current chair, Amanda, was the first to be called to read from the Torah, followed...

Blessing of Delilah and Ezikiel

On Shabbat 10th October we held a blessing for sister and brother, Delilah and Ezekiel. It was a wonderful morning with a parent sponsored kiddish.
Francesca and Adam (parents of Delilah and Ezekiel) had many family and friend attend, with Francesca's dad Ian reading the haftarah, as well as Francesca's...

Simchat Torah

This year we honoured our Kalllah Bereshit Pat and Chatan Torah Geoff. Pat & Geoff have been stalwart members of the community for many years now. As well as being regular attendees at services Pat & Geoff are council members and our brilliant newsletter editors.
We are proud to have...

Sukkot 2015 - A break from tradition

This year we broke from tradition. We decided that whilst a Sukka fully decorated with fruit is very beautiful to look at, it is so sad to throw all the rotting fruit away at the end of the week. Thus, we continued our support of the Brentwood food bank and...

Communal Seder 2015

On Saturday 4th April, our community came together for the 2nd Seder night. This is an annual event much enjoyed by all, with lots of singing and audience participation.
The Seder was preceded by the Havdalla service, with the Havdalla candle being held by the youngest present, Max.
Max later...

Kabbalat Torah Class go on Jewish East End Walk

On 22nd March, Our Kabbalat Torah class of 3 boys and 2 girls were taken on a tour of the Jewish East End. The class was joined by several adults from the adult education/discussion class. The walk was thoroughly enjoyed by all and finished with a trip to Rikmanov's deli...

Purim Fun

Can it be a year since our normally sensible congregation celebrated Purim in our PJ's? Last year onsies, pyjamas and even a nightdress were shamelessly on display as we read the Megilla. This year, there was no special theme, non the less everyone got into the Purim spirit, adults and...

Holocaust Memorial Day Service of Commemoration

On Saturday evening 24th January, Tikvah Chadasha in conjunction with Christian Friends of Israel, held a service of Commemoration for Holocaust Memorial Day.
The previous week Brentwood Library and the Town hall had hosted the Anne Frank exhibition, with a scale model of the house the Frank's had been hidden...

Bat Mitzvah of Holly Sarah

On Shabbat 13th September, Holly Sarah became Bat Mitzvah. Holly is the youngest of the current Be'nei mitzvah class, thus the last one to become Bat-Mitzvah. Proud Mum, Natasha lead the service to a packed congregation of Shul members, family and friends. What made Holly's bat Mitzvah even more moving...

Adult Discussion Group

Every Sunday during term time we have, running alongside Cheder a brilliant adult discussion group facilitated by Mark. Each week the group look at a different and vary varied aspect of Judaism taken from our interesting and sometimes colourful past. For full details of the up and coming discussions please...

Charlotte is given her Hebrew name

On Shabbat 12th July, in a service led by Natasha, Charlotte Constance was given the name Simcha bat Nacha.
Accompanied by big brothers Mark and Benjamin, Charlotte was not at all fazed by the attention. Following the service the community and guests enjoyed a wonderful kiddish provided by Charlotte's parents,...

Converts to Judaism

On Shabbat 14th June 2014, our congregation was blessed with two more ladies being formally admitted as Jewesses by Rabbi Sandra Kviat.
Jennifer, who, with husband Alon have been active members of Tikvah Chadasha for four and a half years decided that the time was right for her to "take...

New Groups For Tikvah Chadasha

Parent & Toddler Group
Things are beginning to move on for TC. From 20th May Kata will be running a parent & toddler group for all pre schoolers. Anyone who is interested should contact the Shul on 01277-888610 or 07810-291413 and your details will be passed to Kata who will...

We celebrate Pesach together

Tikvah Chadasha celebrated Pesach with their 4th communal Seder on 15th April 2014.
Service leader Natasha gave out cards & part way through the service the attendees had to go around to find their match. It was a great way to introduce newcomers to the rest of our slightly crazy...

Purim Fun

On Saturday 15th March we gathered in the evening to celebrate the festival of Purim. Following the havdalla service, officially seeing out Shabbat, the Purim service was led by community lay leader Natasha Radford.
Then in the time honoured tradition the Megilla of Esther was read by various members of...

Nathalie becomes Bat Mitzvah

The community of Tikvah Chadasha celebrated yet another Be'nei Mitzvah on Shabatt 8th March.
Lay leader Natasha Radford commented "We certainly seem to have a lot of Be'nei Mitzvah's this year, especially for such a small community".

Watched by almost 100 friends, family and fellow congregantes Nathalie was word perfect.

Ben becomes Bar-Mitzvah

On Shabbat 8th February we celebrated the Bar-Mitzvah of Ben. The service was led by Rabbi Sandra Kviat and Ben was presented with a muchzor by Natasha the community's part time lay leader. Ben was superb, as Natasha said, "You kept saying you would "ace it" and you did. Ben...

Celebrating Tu'Bishvat at South Weald

On 19 January 2014, the sun shone on our community as we met in South Weald Park for our Tu'Bishvat celebration. Although the sun was shining following a week of constant rain, wellington boots were defiantly the order of the day. A great time was had by all, following a...

Bernie is 80

On Shabbat 11th January, the community celebrated with his 80th birthday with our eldest member Bernie Jackson.
Bernie said he had never had fireworks for his birthday before! If you're a bit confused by the comment, take a look at our rolling photos of Bernie's cake and all will be...

Bar Mitzvah of Toby

On Shabbat 14th December, the community of Tikvah Chadasha in Brentwood celebrated the BarMitzvah of Toby Holden Wright.
The service was followed by a kidduish sponsored by Julia, Toby's Mum. Toby had worked extremely hard for this day and proud parents, family, friends and community members watched as her nervously...

Breaking Tradition: Female Shofar Blower

This year the Liberal community of Tikvah Chadasha based in Brentwood broke with tradition on Rosh Hashanah by having a young, female shofar blower.
Young Holly, has always had a natural ability to blow the Shofar and a little over a year ago had...

Libaray Collection

The Shul now has an extensive Library collection available for members to borrow.
Books may be borrowed for a maximum of 4 weeks. Each book must be signed for when it is taken and signed back in when returned.
If anyone wishes to borrow a book please email Louis, who...

Our Newest Converts

On Shabbat 27th July, Tikvah Chadasha (a.k.a. Shenfield and Brentwood Synagogue) celebrated with Pat & Geoff Rice, the Synagogue’s latest converts to Judaism.
The service led by LJ Chief Executive Rabbi Danny Rich was a very poignant, as Pat and Geoff made their affirmations to the Jewish faith...

Shavout -

Shavout – Tuesday 14th May 2013
This evening we held our Shavout service, it was a great service with about a third of the community attending. I doubt that many congregations could boast that level of attendance. Of course, after the service much dairy food was consumed. Food certainly seems...

Communal Seder 2013

On the Tuesday 26th March 2013, Tikvah Chadasha celebrated our fourth Communal Seder. Our community has grown so much in the last three and a half years, and this year a record number of 43 attended the Seder, led by Natasha Radford.
The children sang the MaNishtana, Max, the youngest...

Blessing of William

On Shabbat 9th March, we celebrated the baby blessing of William, son of Andrea and Cliff. Watched by family and friends, William, who is one this month, was given the name אברהם בן צבי , Avraham ben Zvi

PURIM 2013

On Sunday February 24th Tikvah Chadasha celebrated Purim. Members of the congregation took part in reading the Megilla of Esther. With all the noise made by shaking rattles and booing Haman it was sometimes difficult for the readers to make themselves heard.
In true Tikvah Chasasha style, the service was...

Tikvah Chadasha's first Conversion

On Shabbat 12th February 2013, following her appearance at the Beth Din in November 2012 Kata Roberts became the first person to convert to Judaism with the Shenfield/Brentwood congregation of Tikvah Chadasha.
The leader of the Liberal community and chief executive Rabbi Danny Rich was the visiting Rabbi who led...

Our new Young Shofar Blower

Here at Tikvah Chadasha we always try to encourage the participation of our young members.
With that in mind, this year 11 year old Holly Radford was keen to blow the shofar at Rosh Hashanah. Holly has shown an aptitude for shofar blowing since she was about 7, and last...

The wedding of Cassie & Jonothan

On Sunday 9th September, we celebrated the wedding of Cassie White and Jonathan Shaw.
Natasha officiated with Rabbi Danny Rich in attendance. The chuppa was held at the Prince Regent hotel in Chigwell under Tikvah Chadasha's beautiful Chuppa.

Celebrating Shauvout

On Sunday 27th May, the community came together to celebrate the festival of Shauvout. After the Torah had been read, the cheder children came together to read the Haftorah which retells the story of Ruth, considered to be the first true convert to Judaism.

In true Rosh Tikvah style, following...

Pesach Chag Samaech

Somebody asked me last week if wishing each other a ‘Happy Passover’ is appropriate. My initial response was, ‘Yes, of course’. But it did get me thinking about the complexities of this particular festival. On the one hand, it is a time of melancholy, remembering the trials and tribulations of...

We celebrate Purim

Following our usual tradition, we were entertained by some of our Cheder children who gave a cute rendition of Purim Day for us. The service was followed by a lot of food, home-made humataschen abounded and a great deal of it was scoffed by the willing children and adults.

HMD 2012

Holocaust Memorial Day 2012

Once again, the people of Brentwood came together to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, with a service of commemoration on Saturday 28th January. Prior to the meeting, there was an informative and exceptionally well put together exhibition provided and expertly explained by Tristan McDonald. This year’s focus...

Our First Chuppa

Sunday 30th October saw another first for Rosh Tikvah. Our members, Haley and Joel became Mrs & Mrs Glassman. Rabbi Danny Rich officiated, giving a warm and amusing synopsis of Haley & Joel’s first meeting and date as described by Joel.
The ceremony was at Abridge Golf Club and attended...

Our First Baby Blessing

On Saturday 9th July, the growing congregation of Shenfield, Brentwood & Districts Synagogue (aka Rosh Tikvah) joined with Melanie and Gary, their family and friends in the blessing of their two children. Elena, age 3, was given the Hebrew name Aliza Michaela, whilst Thomas, 12 weeks was given the Hebrew...

Inauguration of Sefer Torah

On Sunday 22nd May, Rosh Tikvah Synagogue celebrated the inauguration of a new Sefer Torah. The growing community based in Brentwood, Essex, were able to bring a scroll all the way from Israel, thanks to a very kind donation from Michael Fresco (whose daughter, son-in-law and grandsons attend Rosh Tikvah)....

Rosh Tikvah's Cheder Seder

Rosh Tikvah Cheder came together to celebrate Pesach, just before the holidays. It’s a special time for the children as they get to find out all about the traditions and meaning of Pesach as a community, without battling against being too tired to concentrate. We do have children at our...

Friday Night & The Sound of Silence!

Rosh Tikvah is branching out! On Friday 25th March we held our first Friday night service for Shabbat. It seemed fitting that one of the themes for Saturday's parsha was silence, as the usual background sound of our younger members was absent during our moment of silent prayer and reflection....

Commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day was marked this year with an exhibition and a service of commemoration.
Together with CFI (Christian Friends of Israel), we approached Brentwood Council, who allowed us to host the exhibition at the Town Hall on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th January.

The beautiful exhibition (created by Tristan...

Celebrating Tu B'Shevat

Tu B’Shevat, the 15th of Shevat on the Jewish calendar is the day that marks the beginning of a “New Year for Trees." This is the season in which the earliest-blooming trees in the Land of Israel emerge from their winter sleep and begin a new fruit-bearing cycle.


Inauguration of Sefer Torah – Chanukah 2010

Sunday 5th December may have been just a typical frosty winter's day for many, but for the congregation of Shenfield & Brentwood Synagogue (a.k.a Tikvah Chadasha) in Brentwood, there was much to celebrate. Not only did the 5th mark the first anniversary of this new Jewish community, but...

Our Visit to The Jewish Museum

On a rather wet and blustery Sunday, Rosh Tikvah Cheder arrived at the doors of 'The Jewish Museum', in Camden. We had a wonderful time, exploring artefacts, going on 'treasure' hunts and creating our own masterpieces!
The education department at the museum are wonderful and we were very fortunate to...